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My Friend Gary

Remembering Gary Chapman Posted by Peter Lewis | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 18-12-2010 Gary Chapman, a teacher and writer whose views helped define debates on the ethics of modern technology, died Dec. 14 while kayaking in the highlands of Guatemala. He was 58 years old and lived in Austin, Texas. The cause was a heart attack, according to an emergency room physician who was a member of the kayaking team. But that cannot be. Those of us who knew Gary, and knew the size of his heart, suspect that he was simply so full of life that he floated away. Gary…

Old Stuff To Make This Blog Look Less Virginal

Designer Belauds iPad; Inkstained Wretch Demurs February 16th, 2010 Luke Hayman Luke Hayman, a partner in the international design services firm Pentagram, was asked recently to discuss how Apple’s forthcoming iPad would change the world of magazines. Hayman, a graduate of London’s Central St. Martin’s School of Art (where my daughter Laura also studied) is a brilliant design strategist whose work is evident in the fresh new looks he has given to such magazines as Time, New York, Travel + Leisure, Consumer Reports, The Atlantic, and many others. I certainly wouldn’t challenge Luke Hayman’s expertise in magazine design. But…

The Antonym of Colophon

Transcending the 140-character limit since 1999, the immediate predecessor of this site was burned to the ground by digital vandals. Out of the smoldering ruins come the first green shoots of this new blog.

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